Overwatch – Where is Doomfist??? The Rumors, Abilities and Truth | The Leaderboard

Join Kyle from The Leaderboard as we separate facts from fiction about Overwatch’s Doomfist.
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Rumors and leaks have swirled around DoomFist ever since ‘little timmy’ showed us that power gauntlet in the early cinematic cutscenes. As the one year anniversary since the launch of Overwatch quickly approaches, reddit forums have been buzzing about this mountain punching titan entering the game while others have relegated him to the lands of fairytale. Strap yourself in and get ready for “Is Doomfist Still A Thing – An Overwatch Piece.”

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With revenue surpassing $1 Billion, Overwatch has become the eighth billion-dollar franchise for Blizzard and showing no signs of slowing down, meaning there will be plenty of characters to come. But do you believe DoomFist will ever make it to the Overwatch universe as a playable character? Do you want Terry Crews to be the voice? Comment down below and let us know which game you want us to cover next.

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