107 Ghost Recon Wildlands FACTS You Should KNOW! | The Leaderboard

Join The leaderboard as we dive into the gameplay tips & tricks, easter eggs, and fascinating trivia of the latest Tom Clancy game in 107 Ghost Recon: Wildlands Facts YOU Should Know!

This open world 3rd person tactical shooter developed by Ubisoft is the 16th game in the highly praised series. However, with Wildlands the developers returned to their roots by setting the story in modern-day Boliva versus the more futuristic feel of previous games. Justin from The Leaderboard highlights the new open world dynamics, the game’s development journey, and clever easter eggs you may have missed. So grab your sniper rifle and let’s topple some dictators!

What’s your favorite Tom Clancy game? If you’ve played Wildlands were you glad Ubisoft set the story in the modern era or is the futuristic setting better? And don’t forget to tell us which game you want us to cover next!!

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