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League Of Legends – Then Vs Now – Evolution of League Of Legends | The Leaderboard

Welcome to The Leaderboard! Unlock your hero status and subscribe → League of Legends is one of the most popular games in the world and has changed a lot since launch in 2009. The leaderboard explores the League’s evolution, changes to gameplay, some new characters, mechanics, the growth of eSports scene, and more. Origins […]

Hello Neighbor – Finishing Act 3 (Hopefully) LIVE | The Leaderboard LIVE

We play Hello Neighbor, the latest Indie Stealth-horror game and try to get through Act 3. Watch All of 107 Game Facts Videos Don’t miss our videos, make sure you subscribe! We have a dotcom! Tweet Us on TWITTER Heart Us on INSTAGRAM Touch Us on FACEBOOK Do NOT […]

Star Wars Battlefront II – LIVE Campaign Mode Walkthrough

The Leaderboard plays the new Star Wars Battlefront II multiplayer and campaign mode! ➤ Subscribe for more Leaderboard videos: ➤ Check out our 7 Star Wars Battlefront 2 FACTS Video: ➤ Follow Darrian @darrianpm | Follow Nicky Are you excited to play Battlefront 2??? Sound off in comments below and don’t forget to […]

New To PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds??? YOU’LL Need This Beginner’s Guide | The Leaderboard

Get the beginners tips and tricks YOU need to increase your chances of winning in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. We’ll cover weapons, combat, health/healing, inventory, vehicles, the map, and more. After watching you should be one step closer to your chicken dinner!!! Watch All of 107 Game Facts Videos Don’t miss our videos, make sure you […]

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds – New Mechanical Beast +7 Facts YOU Should Know!!!

The Frozen Wilds DLC for Horizon Zero Dawn is out today and promises more twists and turns for Aloy as she seeks to restore her world. Join the leaderboard as we explore some updates to gameplay, unpack the story (WARNING SPOILERS) the new setting, bigger machines and much more in 7 Horizon Zero dawn facts […]

7 Ark Survival Evolved Facts YOU Should Know!!! | The Leaderboard

If you thought Katnis was having a bad day, try adding some dinosaurs into the mix. Ark Survival Evolved takes the survival genre to the next level with dinosaur taming, first person shooting and crafting. Join Jacob and the Leaderboard as we explore the mechanics, development, gameplay and other fact you should know. Check out […]

Best Nintendo Switch Game…ARMS, Splatoon 2, or Mario Odyssey?!? | Notification Squad S1 E2

-Nintendo Switch games ARMS, Splatoon 2 and Mario Odyssey are among the most hype of Nintendo’s latest title releases showcased at e3. Which one will reign supreme with fans?!?!? Join Darrian and Nicky for another discussion about Nintendo, their experiences with ARMS motion controls, and more responses to your comments from this week’s videos. Watch […]

107 The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Facts YOU Should Know! | The Leaderboard

The Wind Waker was a wild visual departure from previous incarnations of The Legend of Zelda series developed by Nintendo. Yet, its immersive story eventually won fans over. The Leaderboard takes you through the development, characters, and gameplay of Link & friends in our 107 FACTS about The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker If […]

107 World of Warcraft Facts YOU Should Know! | The Leaderboard

Check out MORE Warcraft videos here: Which expansion is your favorite? Are you still playing? Why or why not? Check out our OVERWATCH videos See our SIMS videos Watch our BATTLE ROYALE videos Explore our CUPHEAD videos Watch All of 107 Game Facts Videos Don’t miss our videos, make […]

107 Super Mario Bros. Facts that YOU Should Know! | The Leaderboard

Super Mario Bros. has been one of the most critically acclaimed video games of all time. And here at the Leaderboard – we are giving you 107 facts that you should know about this iconic first game in the Mario Series. Check out our OVERWATCH videos See our SIMS videos Watch our BATTLE […]

Top 10 Super Mario Enemies (Part 1) by Super Coin Crew | The Leaderboard

Top 10 Super Mario Enemies on Super Coin Crew For the top 5 Super Mario Enemies, click here: Subscribe for Nonstop Nintendo: The Super Mario series has some of the best enemies from any game out there. Their fun, unique designs and the way they help develop a level’s overall layout really […]

New Spiderman Trailer Reaction Plus Release Date! | The Leaderboard

Enter Our Weekly Console Giveaway here: and subscribe to The Leaderboard → Sony dropped a new trailer for the upcoming Insomniac Spiderman game that included announced the release date for the game and showed off one of three special spidey suits. So join The Leaderboard as we go over our reactions and thoughts […]

107 Bendy And The Ink Machine FACTS (Feat: MatPat) You Should Know! | The Leaderboard

Are you ready to re-visit Joey Drew Studios and face the nightmares of your past work? Join Mat Pat and The Leaderboard as we bring you 107 Facts about Bendy and the ink machine. We will unpack early development of the game, Character designs, easter eggs, secrets, and so much more! Huge Special Thanks to […]

11 More People You Meet In Rainbow Six Siege Vol 2. | The Leaderboard

When we put out our first Rainbow six siege people you meet you guys pointed some players we missed. Join The Leaderboard as we bring you 11 more players you meet in a Rainbow Six Siege match. We will explore players like the back seat gamer, the teacher, team killers, and more! Want to see […]

SMASH FOR SWITCH CONFIRMED!!! – Nintendo Direct Live REACTIONS | The Leaderboard

Join Adrian and Cade as they watch the Nintendo Direct airing today! What do you think will be revealed? Let’s talk about that. Wario Ware Gold – 3:40 Luigi’s Mansion – 7:51 Captains Toad Treasure Tracker – 23:31 Undertale – 24:42 Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy 25:27 Slatoon 2 DLC – 30:15 Super Smash Bros […]

107 Divinity: Original SIn 2 Facts YOU Should Know!!! | The Leaderboard

Join us for a look at Divinity Original Sin 2. We’ll review the development, characters, gameplay, lots of spell tips and tricks, easter eggs and story of this massive mystical world in 107 Facts about Divinity Original Sin 2. Crazy Fact: Gift your favorite vendor some items and overtime they’ll give you discounts and even […]

Will Esports SAVE Casual Gaming?! | Overwatch, LoL, PUBG Franchises, Updates +MORE | Starting Point

We review the latest esports news, pick tops plays, and debate controversies surrounding the ESPORTS leagues of OVERWATCH, League of Legends, and PlayerUnknown’s BATTLEGROUNDS in The STARTING POINT! TSP is a new leaderboard program covering all things ESPORTS hosted by Jimmy Mondal (a top 1% Competitive USA Overwatch Player and Shoutcaster for Mixer’s PUBG tournaments), […]

107 PUBG Facts YOU Should Know | The Leaderboard

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground is planning some major updates!!! Find out what’s coming and join us for a look, at how this massive game was made, explore the gameplay, inspirations and other amazing facts you should know. Do you know where the phrase “Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner” comes from? Get that and other crazy facts in 107 […]

7 Agents of Mayhem Facts YOU Should Know🤔 | The Leaderboard

Agents of Mayhem is a new open world action adventure game that expands upon the Saint’s Row Universe with it’s eclectic characters, futuristic setting and unique gameplay. Join Jacob and the Leaderboard as we review the essential facts you should know from development, gameplay, characters and much more. Watch All of 107 Game Facts Videos […]

Video Game Addiction Not Your Fault? | The Leaderboard

When you can’t seem to stop playing the game is it you OR is it by design?? Are video game developers knowingly building life ruining addictions for profit instead of quality games? Do you feel like your video game are controlling you? Join The Leaderboard as we unpack video game addiction by design. Watch All […]