6 Things Only Sims Players Will Understand

By Eva Castleton Sul Sul! From the release of The Sims in 2000 to the most recent Sims 4 expansion, My First Pet Stuff, in March of 2018, millions of us have poured our hearts, souls, and countless hours into our digital counter parts. From the makers of Space Cadet Pinball (no, really) and what […]

7 Sims Videos You Can’t Live Without Seeing! | The Leaderboard

Enter Our Weekly Console Giveaway here: http://www.leaderboard.nyc/giveaway and subscribe to The Leaderboard → http://frdr.us/TLBsubscribe Have You Lived Your Life As A Sim?? Thanks to Youtube there are some crazy sims moments across the web and The Leaderboard brings you 7 Sims videos you can’t live without seeing! We take a look at some great videos […]