Battlefront 3 Would Have Been EPIC!!! | The Leaderboard

Battlefront 3 was 99% complete when LucasArts pulled the plug on the highly anticipated follow up to 2005’s Battlefront 2. Due to the franchise’s success, BF3 seemed like a no brainer, so why kill such a lucrative project? Join Jacob and the Leaderboard as we break down the development drama that destroyed Battlefront 3 and […]

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Fans were hype for the return of Star War’s Iconic Battlefront game franchise, but did EA’s restoration of the series leave us wanting more? Join The Leaderboard as we dissect the original and the 2014 revival in terms of characters, maps, graphics and gameplay in Battlefront – Then Vs Now. Check out our OVERWATCH videos […]

9 Best Star Wars Games You NEED To Play – Star Wars Week | The Leaderboard

The Star Wars films are legendary in the world of cinema, but translating the magic of those movies into video game form is easier said than done. Star Wars has many games made about various facets of the universe, from pod racing to the Old Republic. Not every game is worth playing though (even for […]