Halo – Then vs. Now (From Combat Evolved to Guardians) | The Leaderboard

The Halo franchise saved the Xbox when launched 16 years ago by Bungie. With 343 Industries now helming the billion property have they made Halor better or worse??? Join Kyle and The Leaderboard as we explore the different development, changes to gameplay, multiplayer modes, combat, characters and much more in Halo – Then vs. Now. […]

107 Destiny 2 Facts YOU Should Know!!! (No Spoilers) | The Leaderboard

The highly anticipated follow-up Destiny 2 is finally here!!! Join Jacob and The Leaderboard as we explore the enhanced story content, new gameplay, updated characters & levels, more loot and tons of trivia in 107 Destiny 2 Facts YOU Should Know! Check out our OVERWATCH videos http://frdr.us/2FrxOPJ See our SIMS videos http://frdr.us/2DRJqze Watch our BATTLE […]

107 Destiny Facts YOU Should Know! | The Leaderboard

Destiny is a futuristic first person shooter developed by Bungie, the creators of Halo. With the upcoming expansion Rise of Iron coming later this year, the hype train for Destiny is higher than ever. Which is why the Leaderboard is bringing you 107 Facts YOU Should Know about Destiny! Did we miss anything? What should […]