107 Dark Souls Facts YOU Should Know | The Leaderboard

As far as action role-playing games go, Dark Souls is the epitome of the simple, brutal, and often times challenging nature of the gaming world. Originally released for PS3 and Xbox 360, FromSoftware’s Dark Souls teachers players to learn from their past mistakes (aka their previous deaths in the game) and proceed with caution instead […]

5 Reasons Why You NEED to Play Dark Souls III Right Now | The Leaderboard

Have you picked up your copy of Dark Souls III yet? No? WELL WHY NOT?! Even when the game is at it’s most difficult, it’s one of the most compelling and captivating series out there. And with Dark Souls III being released on every major platform, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be playing! So ditch […]

If Dark Souls Characters Were High Schoolers

by Joshua Schwartz The Dark Souls universe is vast and foreboding. Those who have traveled the troubled lands of Lordran, Majula, and Anor Londo, know that friends and foes are often just a world apart.  On your journey of the undead, you will meet many “gods” and creatures who are hard to classify in everyday […]