The Complete God Of War Timeline – From Ghost of Sparta to World’s Best Dad! | The Leaderboard

In God of War, Kratos evolves from a rage and vengeance filled widower to protective and (somewhat) loving father. Join The Leaderboard as we comb through the entire God Of War timeline to explore how Kratos transforms from the ghost of Sparta to world’s best dad. Special thanks to Suggestive Gaming for some of the […]

Is God Of War The Most Compelling Story of 2018? | UnMuted – S1e8

With the release of the latest god of war story trailer Darrian, Marley, and Nicky discuss whether or not God Of War will the best in-game story for 2018!!! Comment and let us know what game you’re looking forward too. Watch All of 107 Game Facts Videos Don’t miss our videos, make sure you […]