The Complete God Of War Timeline – From Ghost of Sparta to World’s Best Dad! | The Leaderboard

In God of War, Kratos evolves from a rage and vengeance filled widower to protective and (somewhat) loving father. Join The Leaderboard as we comb through the entire God Of War timeline to explore how Kratos transforms from the ghost of Sparta to world’s best dad. Special thanks to Suggestive Gaming for some of the […]

God Of War – Norse Mythology and Lore Explained | The Leaderboard

In God of War Kratos battles Baldur, Thor and meets a slew of other Gods from Norse mythology – but if YOU weren’t paying close attention you may have missed some important details of the lore. Don’t worry, the Leaderboard explains all of the key lore, unpacks backstories of the main Gods and we’ll unlock […]

Superheroes Are Coming to Fortnite, Gaming Deals + Weekly Console Giveaway Winner! | The Leaderboard

Fortnite season 4 is upon us and epic has been dropping teasers of a superhero-themed battle pass. Nintendo has revealed the date of their E3 direct and said that the new super smash bros will be playable at the event. The Leaderboard also bring you the best gaming deals of the week from all over […]