WHAT IF SAMUS WAS IN GOD OF WAR? – January 8, 2018 News Roundup

Welcome to the Leaderboard’s January 8, 2019 news roundup. Get your latest Stardew Valley, Spider-Man and God of War news here! Battle Royale Mod Comes to Stardew Valley Source: PC Gamer The Battle Royale craze has reached Stardew Valley, as a new mod for the game allows up to 100 players to compete in a new battle royale mode. The mod’s creator has stated they’re […]

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In God of War, Kratos evolves from a rage and vengeance filled widower to protective and (somewhat) loving father. Join The Leaderboard as we comb through the entire God Of War timeline to explore how Kratos transforms from the ghost of Sparta to world’s best dad. Special thanks to Suggestive Gaming for some of the […]

God Of War – Norse Mythology and Lore Explained | The Leaderboard

In God of War Kratos battles Baldur, Thor and meets a slew of other Gods from Norse mythology – but if YOU weren’t paying close attention you may have missed some important details of the lore. Don’t worry, the Leaderboard explains all of the key lore, unpacks backstories of the main Gods and we’ll unlock […]

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Are your God Of War pockets running low on Hacksilver? Finding it hard to upgrade your armor and weapons? Don’t worry, The Leaderboard has 9 quick ways to get tons of hacksliver. We unpack secret realms, ways to die on purpose that’ll fill your wallet, and so much more! Watch All of 107 Game Facts […]

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We break down the story and characters of the most highly anticipated games for 2018. We discuss God of War, Far Cry 5, Red Dead Redemption 2, Anthem, metroid prime and sooo many more! Watch All of 107 Game Facts Videos http://frdr.us/TLB107plys7 Don’t miss our videos, make sure you subscribe! http://frdr.us/TLBsubscribe We have a dotcom! […]

107 God of War Facts YOU Should Know | The Leaderboard

One of the most popular hack-and-slash games, God of War, has become one of Sony’s best selling game franchises since its debut in 2005. Since the first game, fans can’t get enough of the Spartan warrior Kratos and his blood lust to extract his revenge on Ares, spawing an entire gaming trilogy and even a […]