Halo – Then vs. Now (From Combat Evolved to Guardians) | The Leaderboard

The Halo franchise saved the Xbox when launched 16 years ago by Bungie. With 343 Industries now helming the billion property have they made Halor better or worse??? Join Kyle and The Leaderboard as we explore the different development, changes to gameplay, multiplayer modes, combat, characters and much more in Halo – Then vs. Now. […]

10 Inspirations For Video Game Halloween Costumes | The Leaderboard

Halloween is right around the corner and why be a boring ghost or a lame dracula, when you could be… MASTER CHIEF. Or heck, even Skull Kid! With so many iconic video game characters there are definitely tons of options. Here at The Leaderboard, we’re counting down our top 10 inspirations from video games for […]

107 Facts YOU Should KNOW About Halo: Combat Evolved | The Leaderboard

The “Halo” series is one of the most successful/popular first-person shooters in video game history and the first game in it’s series started everything; “Halo: Combat Evolved”. The legendary game not only the first to introduce us to Master Chief, but it also showed us what the “Halo” universe was all about and got gamers […]