The Truth Behind Mercy – She May Be Evil!!! Overwatch Dark Secrets YOU Should Know | The Leaderboard

Healing can have consequences! Mercy is the angelic healer of Overwatch, but behind her flawless smile is there something more sinister. She may now have some updated abilities but still little is known about Mercy’s true intentions. Kyle and the Leaderboard explore some darker theories and untold backstory of this doctor turned savior in Overwatch […]

Is Symmetra Actually Unstoppable?? (How To Play Symmetra)!!! | The Leaderboard

Symmetra is controversial, but in the right hands could she be unstoppable? We analyze symmetra’s abilities, test her skills against other heroes, and give some strategies on how to use this nonhealing but versatile support hero. Join Kyle and the Leaderboard for a deep dive through Symmetra’s kit, the salt from some in the overwatch […]