League Of Legends – Then Vs Now – Evolution of League Of Legends | The Leaderboard

Welcome to The Leaderboard! Unlock your hero status and subscribe → frdr.us/TLBsubscribe League of Legends is one of the most popular games in the world and has changed a lot since launch in 2009. The leaderboard explores the League’s evolution, changes to gameplay, some new characters, mechanics, the growth of eSports scene, and more. Origins […]

Is Overwatch Dethroning League of Legends? | The Starting Point S1e1

Does Overwatch have the momentum to dethrone League of Legends as the number one E-sport in the world? We’ll tackle that question as well as team power rankings, upsets and highlights from the past week in NA LCS and Overwatch League (OWL). Episode Guide: 1. Is Overwatch overtaking League? (PvP) 00:26 2. CS:GO major sets […]

Why Are There NO Women on Esports Team? (Overwatch, LoL) | The Starting Point

There are currently no women in the Overwatch League or signed to the North American League of Legends Championship Series – we explore why that maybe. We discuss Overwatch team rankings from the pre-season and the console launch of PUBG. TOPICS Women in Esports = 0:23 Esports In The 2022 Asian Games = 19:17 Overwatch […]

Should Esports Be In The Olympics? +REVIEW Overwatch Pre-Season | The Starting Point

Should Esports be in the Olympics? We talk about the Overwatch Pre-season and discuss the updates to PUBG on Xbox. Join the STARTING POINTthe show were we talk about the ESPORTS leagues of OVERWATCH, League of Legends, and PlayerUnknown’s BATTLEGROUNDS. Should Esports be in the olympics – 0:37 Overwatch PreSeason (Round UP) – 27:12 Team […]

Is PUBG Ready For eSports?? | Is Moira OP?? | Zoe joins League +More Esports News

We debate whether PUBG is Esports Ready? Explore Zoe’s abilities, the newest League of Legend Champion and ask if Moira from Overwatch is OP?? We also pick tops plays, and disect team changes around ESPORTS leagues of OVERWATCH, League of Legends, and PlayerUnknown’s BATTLEGROUNDS in The STARTING POINT! 0:36 – Plays of the Week 8:06 […]

Will Esports SAVE Casual Gaming?! | Overwatch, LoL, PUBG Franchises, Updates +MORE | Starting Point

We review the latest esports news, pick tops plays, and debate controversies surrounding the ESPORTS leagues of OVERWATCH, League of Legends, and PlayerUnknown’s BATTLEGROUNDS in The STARTING POINT! TSP is a new leaderboard program covering all things ESPORTS hosted by Jimmy Mondal (a top 1% Competitive USA Overwatch Player and Shoutcaster for Mixer’s PUBG tournaments), […]

Overwatch is changing eSports FOREVER!!! | Overwatch League | The Leaderboard

An Overwatch Esports team franchise could cost $2 to $20 million when Blizzard launches the Overwatch League later this fall!!! Join Darrian and The Leaderboard as we sort through the rumors, facts, drama and recent news about the Overwatch League (OWL). With Blizzcon still months away OWL news has trickled out slowly, but the coming […]

107 League of Legends Facts You Should Know ft. Domics | The Leaderboard

Think you know everything there is to know about League of Legends? Well get ready to get pwnd (do people even say that anymore?) Today on Leaderboard we’re counting down the 107 facts about one of the most popular free to play MMOs out there that you probably didn’t know! Check out our OVERWATCH videos […]