7 Reasons Why Pokemon Lets Go Will Change YOUR Game | The Leaderboard

As more #Pokemon Let’s Go details emerge it’s clear #Nintendo is about to BLOW YOUR MIND and totally transform the Pokemon World. The Leaderboard explores The 7 Reasons Why Pokemon Let’s Go will change The Game. We’ll look at the nostalgia factor, #Pokeball controller, local co-op, AR (augmented reality) integration and so much more. #LetsGO […]

Are 2Player Games More Fun?? ? (Nidhogg 2, Smash Brothers +MORE) | Notification Squad S1 E12

Splitscreens, local co-op and 2players games ruled the market, now it seems triple A’s only make online multiplayers? Join Darrian and Nicky of The Leaderboard for another discussion about the online vs local area play, we respond to your comments from our videos and for YOUR chance to win a prize. Watch All of 107 […]