Nintendo Has A New President, Thanos is Coming Fortnite + Console Giveaway Winner | The Leaderboard

Nintendo has announced a new president to take over the company and The Leaderboard is here to discuss what this means for the company’s future plans and strategies. Also Fortnite Battle Royale has announced some exciting news if you are a Marvel Fan. They are doing a crossover with the recently released Avengers Infinity War […]

FARTNITE (Parody): New Fortnite MODE Will Blow You Away! | The Leaderboard

Watch All of 107 Game Facts Videos Fortnite is getting a new mode that will change the game!!! The Leaderboard brings you an exclusive first look at the yet-to-be-named mode’s features, development, and secrets. Epic game employees talk about the limited-time-only update’s new gameplay mechanics, reworked weapons and their hopes for the Fortnite community. […]