Overwatch – 6 Things The Internet Got Right/Wrong About DoomFist!! | The Leaderboard

————————————————— DoomFist surprised everyone when he hit Overwatch’s PTR earlier this month. And Now that he’s here, Darrian and The Leaderboard look at the predictions we got right and some we got wrong about this powerful warrior in 6 Things The Internet Got Wrong & Right About DoomFist. Special thanks to Eric Stover, one of […]

Overwatch: Doomfist Explained! Leaks, Facts & Speculation | The Leaderboard

Join Kyle from The Leaderboard as we separate facts from fiction about Overwatch’s Doomfist. Follow Kyle Stover on twitter @Alphalance Rumors and leaks have swirled around DoomFist ever since ‘little timmy’ showed us that power gauntlet in the early cinematic cutscenes. As the one year anniversary since the launch of Overwatch quickly approaches, reddit forums […]