Overwatch – 6 Things The Internet Got Right/Wrong About DoomFist!! | The Leaderboard

————————————————— DoomFist surprised everyone when he hit Overwatch’s PTR earlier this month. And Now that he’s here, Darrian and The Leaderboard look at the predictions we got right and some we got wrong about this powerful warrior in 6 Things The Internet Got Wrong & Right About DoomFist. Special thanks to Eric Stover, one of […]

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An Overwatch Esports team franchise could cost $2 to $20 million when Blizzard launches the Overwatch League later this fall!!! Join Darrian and The Leaderboard as we sort through the rumors, facts, drama and recent news about the Overwatch League (OWL). With Blizzcon still months away OWL news has trickled out slowly, but the coming […]

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Want tips on improving your Overwatch game or just wanna share your passions with other enthusiastic fans! Join The Leaderboard’s WatchTower LiveStream: we’re talking all things overwatch and answering your questions LIVE on April 19th from 5pm to 7pm. Co-hosted by Kyle Stover (@alphalance) a regular Leaderboard contributor and Darrian the manager of The Leaderboard […]

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12 OVERWATCH Easter Eggs YOU Probably MISSED – Easter Eggs #1 | The Leaderboard

Overwatch continues to take the gaming world by storm with its immersive universe and fast-paced gameplay. Despite having few in-game story elements, Blizzard manages to fill Overwatch with tons of popular references. Join Kyle and the Leaderboard as we countdown to the 12 Overwatch Easter Eggs you may have missed. We have 30 Overwatch videos […]