Is Korea’s Esports Empire Crumbling? + OWL & LoL News | The Starting Point S1 e2

Korea dominates the world of E-sports but is the West finally catching up?? We’ll talk major esports headlines in Overwatch & League of Legends, the return of Dr. Disrepect, and star performance from the week. Episode guide: – PVP: Can The West Close the Gap? – 00:31 – Round Up: Current team rankings / Dr. […]

The Overwatch League – EVERYTHING YOU Should Know!!! | The Leaderboard

The Overwatch League is just weeks away from launch, the teams are set, and excitement is growing, but will this league succeed? Join Kyle and The Leaderboard as we take a deep look at how the league is changing esports, analyze the teams, and see if this new Overwatch project will be a runaway hit […]