107 Divinity: Original SIn 2 Facts YOU Should Know!!! | The Leaderboard

Join us for a look at Divinity Original Sin 2. We’ll review the development, characters, gameplay, lots of spell tips and tricks, easter eggs and story of this massive mystical world in 107 Facts about Divinity Original Sin 2. Crazy Fact: Gift your favorite vendor some items and overtime they’ll give you discounts and even […]

7 Cuphead Facts YOU Should Know (ft. Cuphead & Mugman)!!! | The Leaderboard

We spoke directly to the creators of Cuphead to get the all the details about the making, inspirations, gameplay, bosses and story elements in 7 Facts about CupHeads You Should Know. Crazy fact – ALL the animation in the game is hand drawn, watch to find out more. Special Thanks to Frank Caruso, Ryan Moldenhauer, […]