Which Video Game Controller is better? ? (PS4, Xbox, Switch, GameCube) | Notification Squad S1 E4

Console controllers have changed a lot over the years, but which is your favorite? Join Darrian and Nicky of The Leaderboard as we talk about our favorite controllers, giveaway prizes and respond to your comments from this week’s videos. Watch All of 107 Game Facts Videos http://frdr.us/TLB107plys7 Don’t miss our videos, make sure you subscribe! […]

107 Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Facts YOU Should Know! | The Leaderboard

Join The leaderboard as we dive into all the random trivia, missing character, development drama and so much more in 107 Marvel vs. Capcom Facts YOU Should Know! Subscribe for more Leaderboard videos: http://bit.ly/LBSUBSCRIBE Check out our 107 Facts about Injustice 2: https://youtu.be/Hb5Zer9B9Fc Who is your favorite character,? Are you team capcom or team marvel? […]

107 Sly Cooper Facts YOU Should Know | The Leaderboard

Sly Cooper is an iconic game series spanning several generations of the Playstation. The game made waves for it’s clever characters, Ocean’s 11 style thieving hijinks and unique animations. Here at the Leaderboard we wanted to give you some great fun facts about this addictive series and we hope to see a another Sly Cooper […]