Super Smash Bros – Then Vs Now – The Evolution Of Smash Brothers | The Leaderboard

Super Smash Bros is Nintendo’s highly regarded fighting game where you can take all of Nintendo’s fan-favorite characters and pit then against each other. With the release of Smash Bros for switch hopefully this year, The Leaderboard thought we take a look at the evolution of the series in this then vs now. We will […]

Smash Bros. for Switch is JUST a PORT! – Here’s Why We Think So | The Leaderboard

Super Smash Brothers for Nintendo Switch was JUST CONFIRMED, but is it a port or a new game? Join Adrian and Cade on The Leaderboard as they vomit their thoughts post-reveal about possible characters, game names, and predictions. #crash4smash anyone? Let’s go. Watch All of 107 Game Facts Videos What does Your Smash Brothers […]