Is DLC Ruining YOUR Game??? | Notification Squad S1 E9 | The Leaderboard

DLC is everywhere you turn from small indie games to big triple A titles. But has DLC saved or ruined the gaming industry. Join Darrian and Nicky for a discussion about downloadable content, ways you can win prizes and responses to your comments on Leaderboard videos. Watch All of 107 Game Facts Videos Don’t […]

What’s YOUR Favorite Childhood Video Game? (Crash, Mario Kart, Batman?) | Notification Squad S1 E7

Joins Darrian and Nicky of The Leaderboard for a trip down memory lane as we discuss a few of our favorite games from the NES, Genesis, SNES, PS1 and N64 era. And as always we give out prizes and respond to your comments from this week’s videos. If you’re a kid of the 90s get […]