10 BEST Pokemon from Sun & Moon | The Leaderboard

Pokemon Sun and Moon have become Nintendo’s fastest selling games in the company’s history. So we at The Leaderboard thought you deserved to get the low-down on the top 10 Pokemon you’ll need to take with you into the battle arena. Will Celesteela, or Kommo-o make it into the number one spot? Watch this video […]

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The Star Wars films are legendary in the world of cinema, but translating the magic of those movies into video game form is easier said than done. Star Wars has many games made about various facets of the universe, from pod racing to the Old Republic. Not every game is worth playing though (even for […]

Top 10 SCARIEST Moments In Video Games!! | The Leaderboard

BOO! That might not have scared you, but these games certainly will! In honor of Halloween this month, The Leaderboard is counting down the top 10 scariest moments in video games of all time. Think entering a ghost house in Super Mario World is spooky? Think again! These game moments will give you NIGHTMARES. What […]