Attack of The Game Clones ? (Overwatch, Paladins and More) | Notification Squad S1E3

Overwatch and Paladins share a lot in common…but are they too similar???? When does inspiration for one game turn into a copycat of another? Join Darrian and Nicky for a discussion about way too similar games, our regular prize giveaway and responses to your comments from this week’s videos. Watch All of 107 Game Facts […]

Overwatch: Weakest to Deadliest Ultimates | The Leaderboard

Out of the 24 Overwatch ultimates which one is the DEADLIEST??? Join Kyle and The leaderboard as we rank all the weapons, powers, damage and effectiveness of EVERY ultimates from weakest to deadliest. Let Justice Rain from Above!!! Special thanks to our friends at ToadKingStudios! Check out our OVERWATCH videos See our SIMS videos […]